Saturday, February 15, 2020

Digital technology play a key role in education Essay

Digital technology play a key role in education - Essay Example First an introduction has been given as to what contribution has technology made in education. Then, teachers’ technological skills and problems to the implementation of digital technology have been discussed. After that, various technological tools and concept are discussed like CALL and ICT, which the teachers can make use of to enhance the education. The report is summarized in a concluding paragraph, and Harvard referencing style has been used properly. Selwyn (2011) asserts that educators have been trying to modify their teaching process with the help of technology ever since the modern technological means came into market. According to Baker, early 1960’s brought with it â€Å"new curricula, instructional models, and approaches to individualization† (1978:3) of instruction. The problem was that teachers did not know how to manage the new instructional schemes. Today, an ideal classroom environment is dynamic in which each student presents his own understanding and is comfortable with his own set of instructional materials. Thus, the teacher needs to organize instructional schemes in such a way that all students with their unique qualities are equally attended to. Teachers started feeling the necessity of incorporating information and communication technology in education. This way, they could enhance the overall experience of teaching through the use of some most modern digital technologies like camcorders, multimed ia, microphones, supervision cameras, and most of all, the internet. Technology helps students in their early years to gain independence in creating and designing things, and in understanding basic literacy skills (Massey University 2014). In later years, students can make use of information and communication technology (ICT) to do research and create innovative pieces of work. Libraries are available online, where

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